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Making a bail bond is one of the most important tasks that you perform when someone you care about gets in jail. When making such a critical decision, you should always do the right thing. When it comes to St. Cloud Bail Bonds, Bail 2 Go is the best in the industry.

We have been working with clients all over the country for the past two decades, and we have an impressive rate of jail releases. We also have a very high rate of customer satisfaction. This is the reason why our clients come again and again for our services when they get in trouble.

We’re a Bail bonds Orlando Florida agency that understands our customers. When a customer visits one of our offices the first thing we do is get to know them better. This way we can grab a better understanding of their current situation and work accordingly. Many clients come to Bail 2 Go to post bail for someone they know. But as a leading bail bonds agency in Florida we offer additional services as well. Most of them you can get done for free without spending a penny.

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Among these services is our free warrant checks. A warrant is issued for an authority to perform a search on someone or to arrest someone. These records are kept secret for obvious reasons. Among these warrants, there are some extreme ones. Things that require the warrant to be kept secret until the last moment. For instance, if someone robbed a bank and there’s a warrant pending to arrest him, telling about the warrant to the public won’t be any good because there’s the chance of the criminal fleeing away.

But for other cases, Bail 2 Go can check for any pending warrants. We provide this service so our customers can post bail beforehand. Not all St. Cloud Bail Bonds agencies offer this service. Only a limited number of companies can access confidential warrant records and among them is Bail 2 Go. With our service of over 21 years, we were able to build up trust among authorities that helps us in our work.

Apart from free warrant checks we also offer free background checks of local citizens. A background check is solely checking for criminal records on someone. Let’s say you’re an employer and is about to hire a bunch of people. Before hiring you to want to know a little bit about their past. In this situation Bail 2 Go St. Cloud Bail Bonds can help you. We check among a wide range of databases for criminal records and will provide you a detailed report. Keep in mind that we provide all these services without charging you an extra penny.

No other St. Cloud Bail Bonds agency would provide such a valuable service for free other than Bail 2 Go. We are a company that always tries to help our customers in every way possible. That’s why we offer many services like the ones mentioned above for free.