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Bail 2 Go is a different Bail Bonds Agency compared to a typical Winter Garden Bail Bonds agency. The reason why is because we offer a variety of services for our customers. An average bail bonds company would provide services such as bail posting and bounty hunting. But we decided to take a step further and deliver services that no other bail bonds agency provides.

We’re an organization that has been working with various clients for over 21 years. Throughout those years we met customers with diverse needs and expectations. During that time, we didn’t have the ability to provide additional services that we provide today. But over time we developed and became the best bail bonds Orlando. This for us was a huge achievement. Continuing this momentum, we decided to provide a complete service to all our customers across the country. As a result of this now we have branches in front of almost every jail providing services to hundreds of customers nationwide.

The secret behind the success of Bail 2 Go Winter Garden Bail Bonds is that we provide services that our clients ask for. One of the frequent requests we get from customers that make a bond with us is to get their mugshots removed from the internet websites. With the growth of the internet, many websites that post mugshots for public reference have increased, and this has become a major problem for innocent citizens who get arrested for nothing. These mugshots have an enormous impact on the future of our customers. That’s why we developed a connection with major websites that post mugshots giving us the ability to remove mugshots of our customers from online databases. This is one of those unique services that most Winter Garden Bail Bonds agencies don’t provide. We get more and more customers every day asking for their mugshots removed. Since we’re one of the top Bail Bond Agencies in the country we decided to provide free mugshot removals to all our customers. We will not charge anything extra from you to get your mugshots removed.

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As a Winter Garden Orlando bail bondsman agency, our aim is to provide a remarkable service to our customers. That’s why when other bail bond companies charge you extra to get mugshots removed we do it for free. And that’s not the only service we provide for free. We offer many free services, and one of them is free background checks.

This service is mainly used by employers to find the history and background of their employees before they hire them. We provide detailed reports on all public records available in all databases. We even have access to some secret databases that other agencies don’t even know of. This gives us the opportunity to stay on top of the industry providing the best service possible as a Winter Garden Bail Bonds agency. If you ever need any of our free services all you got to do is dial us at our hotline, and we’ll be happy to assist you.