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As a Winter Park Bail Bonds agency, our goal is to provide a flexible service to our customers. And for the past 21 years, we have been doing just that. Bail 2 Go is an agency that cares about the customer more than anything else. From the moment you walk into our office till the time of getting your loved ones out of jail, we’re dedicated to you.

Our company is based on honesty, integrity and you. Every customer is different. They have different needs and different personalities. That’s why as a rule of thumb we get to know who our customer is before getting into details. This helps us to provide a better service that makes our customers happy.

We know the frustration you go through when someone you care about gets arrested. It’s hard for anyone to see someone in jail. That’s why everyone tries to make a bond and get them out as fast as possible. This is why Bail 2 Go orlando bondsman is here. We offer the fastest service in all of Florida when it comes to posting bail.

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In the good old days, it would at least take 12 hours for an agency to post bail for someone. That’s because everything was done manually. First, you would have to meet a bondsman in person before getting anything else done. Then there is the time it takes to prepare the document for making the bond which takes hours. And depending on the period of the day, it would take more than 6 hours for the county jail to release your loved ones even after the bail is posted.

SO at Bail 2 GO Winter Park Bail Bonds, we decided to replace this old system with a more modern system. So we put a couple of years into research and developed an entirely digital technology that can complete the entire bail process in a matter of 2-3 hours. Thanks to the innovative thinkers at Bail 2 Go our system has been functional for some time now, and the results are incredible. We are now able to offer the fastest service in town.

With this new patent-pending technology, anyone with a working internet connection can make a bail bond with Bail 2 Go from anywhere in the country. You don’t even have to meet a bondsman in person to do so. You might be living in California, and someone you know gets arrested in Orlando. With this online system, you can fill out all the applications with necessary details from California and make a bond for your friend who got arrested in Orlando. It’s simple as that. You can even make your payments to Bail 2 Go online without having to go anywhere.

Whether you pay online or pay using cash you can still get qualified for our flexible payment scheme if you maintain a good credit score. You don’t even have to submit any collateral to make a bond. How good is that?