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Bail 2 GO is a bail bonds orlando agency that is second to none. Based in Orlando, Florida, our dedicated team provide exemplary service to clients who may be experiencing stressful circumstances. The difference between Bail 2 GO and other bond agencies is we do not offer a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. We talk to our clients and see them as individuals, having needs and circumstances that differ from other clients. We have simplified the frustrating bail bonds system, resulting in a streamlined process meaning less time wasted and an immediate course of action taken. The people who form the team at Bail 2 GO are the foundation on which our services are built. Let us exceed the expectations you have of a regular bail bonds agency in Orlando.

  • No Charge Warrant Checks

  • No Charge Skip Tracing

  • Mug Shot Removal

  • 100% Paperless Office

  • Walk Through Arrest

  • No Charge Writ Payments

  • Bail Information

  • Private Investigation Services

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Our Bail Bonds Benefits.

Accelerated Bail Posting

Our patent pending bail posting method has made the process in which we receive your personal information more efficient. Our system encrypts this sensitive information to a 256-bit encryption making it highly secure and faster than most of the jails at which we post.

Mobile Friendly

You don’t have to post the bail bond in person. Our easy to follow system guides you through the necessary paperwork online. It is completely safe due to our 256 bit encrypted security system. At Bail 2 GO, we have taken the stress out of posting bail bonds in Orlando.

No Collateral Needed*

In most cases, clients do not require collateral.  We assess every facet of our bail bonds, confirming with clients that collateral is not required. Another way in that Bail 2 GO differs from other bond agencies.

*Some rare situations require collateral and are assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Warrant Checks

We are different from your typical Orlando bail bonds agency. We want to help you in any way possible. Bail 2 GO offers free warrant checks, even if you choose not to use our bail bonds service.

Flexible Payment Plans

We recognize that everyone has different financial circumstances. When you’re concerned that paying your bail bond might be difficult, give Bail 2 GO a call. We offer flexible payment options to suit those who are unable to make a bulk payment.

Nationwide Networking

Bail 2 GO is based in Orlando, FL, and we have connections throughout the United States. We can handle bail bonds from across the nation. We have convenient locations around the Central Florida area in Kissimmee and Tavares in addition to Orlando. We are generally located in the vicinity of jails in the Orlando area.

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Bail 2 GO has been in the bail bonds service industry since 1996. Bail 2 GO’s years of experience has led us to recognize and cater for our clients’ needs during the bail bond process. We get the ones you love out of jail fast.

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Reliability 98%
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Flexibility 100%

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