How Exactly Do Bail Bond Organizations Work?

Bail bond companies are proliferating in the industry. The way a bail bond company works is like a lender. However, they only deal in payments that are required to bail someone out of jail. Bail bond companies take massive risks that have a possibility of the company going bankrupt if the individuals they are attempting to bail skip out on the court.

Bail bonds are the sum of money that is paid to the court through a company allowing the suspect to return to his/her community until his/her trial begins. In situations where the suspect can’t raise his bail through family, friends, or his/her finances, a Orlando bail bondsman would be issuing the bail bonds. These bonds are issued with a fee. In cases where the suspect flees, the bail bonds company must pay the court.


The judge would typically issue one of the three main types of bonds that a bail bond company can deal with. This includes:

• Cash bonds.

In these bonds, the cash is required to be paid upfront. In cash bail, the accused is required to pay the full amount of bail in cash. In some cases, the court even accepts credit cards or checks. These methods are known to be one of the most effective in ensuring the suspect shows up to court.

• Surety bond.

These bonds are also referred to as bail bonds. A surety bond can be used to pay off any amount of bail. However, these bail bonds are especially useful if the accused is unable to afford his/her bail payment. In this type of bail, a friend or family member contacts a bail bondsman to collect the finances and guarantees payment if the accused flees.

• Property bonds.

These types of bonds are similar to surety bonds. However, in this scenario, the individual can provide property to act as a bond. In this situation, the court receives a legal claim (lien) for the property and the amount of bail required. If the individual doesn’t show up to court, the court can mortgage the property to acquire the bail money.

The process:

Unless the judge orders the release of the individual due to him/her posing no threat or flight risk, a contact of the suspect should be able to acquire a bail bondsman for the individual. The bondsman would then require an entire profile of the individual. This includes details such as police records, occupation, and how high the chances of him fleeing would become. If the person acquiring the bondsman’s assistance agrees to pay the fee if the accused flees, the bondsman can then go to courts to pay the bond fee.

If the individual fails to appear at the courts before the judge, the law would consider him/her a fugitive. The bail bonds agency should then hunt down the fugitive or pay the bail amount to the courts. Bail bonds organizations take a lot of risk in the work they do. However, the work they do can be guaranteed if the right organization has been chosen.

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