Why Skipping Bail is Never an Option

If you know of someone thinking of skipping bail, tell them immediately why it is the worst idea. Like every action, jumping (or skipping) bail too has its own consequences. And these outcomes of skipping bail can be quite severe. Jumping bail will not just be problematic for you but also your close family or friends who cosigned for you. So in all interests, skipping bail should never be considered an option.

After your arrest, if you are allowed to post bail, you have the chance to be released. It will enable a percentage of the bail amount to be paid to grant your release, given that you attend your court dates assigned for your case without fail. The cost of the bail bond is decided upon the bail amount. In Florida, for bail less than $1000, bail bond cost is $100. If it is more than $1000, it is 10% of the amount. This may be in cash or some other form of collateral. After the contract is signed by the cosigner, you will be temporarily released. The cosigner agrees to take responsibility for the defendant showing up to the assigned court dates on time. If the defendant skips bail, the cosigner will be held responsible for the full bail amount.

Any action taken by the defendant suggesting plans to skip bail will also be considered unjustified by law enforcement. Ex: purchasing plane tickets to another country without any plans to return on time for your scheduled court date.

A bench warrant may be issued when a court date is missed. There’s a chance of reinstatement of the bail bond if the defendant communicates with the court without any further delay. And if so, the bail bond may be reinstated. But if not, an arrest warrant will be issued resulting in you being taken into custody and may not be granted bail again. Also, a bounty hunter may be hired to find you if law enforcement fails to do so.

It was only 10% of the bail amount required to be paid earlier. But in case of skipping bail, the cosigner will have to pay the full amount of bail. And any collateral that was put down may be forfeited. After some time, Failure to Appear or Fugitive from Justice charges will be filed against you.

So back to square one. Is skipping bail an option? No, and it should never be. It does not just add other charges on top of your existing charges, but it also causes trouble to your close friends and family who cosigned for you. Posting bail is a good way of getting out of jail legally. But it should not be used to flee the law.

So make use of the options legally available to you. If the opportunity to post bail has been granted, make use of it. Contact Orlando Bail Bonds at (407) 254-5554.

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