Do You Get Bond Money Back?

When you post a bond for someone, you give that money in hopes that you may get it back. That money is helping them to get out of a bad situation, but it may be money that you need. 

Is a bond a better option than paying the total amount of the bail? And what if they skip out on bail? Can you get that money back?

There are a lot of questions you may have about using bond money. Many factors should get considered before putting this money up for someone.

Let’s look at some FAQs about how, if, and when you can get the bond money back.

Q: What is a bail bond?

A bond is an agreement where you only pay a percentage of the posted bail money. This percentage is usually a 15% premium to the bondsman. This premium gets used to pay the bondsman’s fees.

You do not have to pay the total amount of the bail at that time. The bondsperson pays the remaining amount of the bail.

This option is a lot better for many, as it allows them to get their loved one out of a tough spot fast.

Q: What is a Property Bond?

A property bond is when you offer your property as collateral for a bond. This type may include your car or home. If the person fails to appear in court, that property can get seized as payment.

Q: What are the advantages of working with a bondsman?

The easy answer is saving time and money. While you must pay a percentage of the bail money, the guarantor will be responsible for the rest of the bail.

The bondsperson also will make sure that your loved one makes it to all court proceedings. This fact saves you the pain and hassle of going to and from the court. Also, if your loved one does not appear in court, you are not responsible for the remaining funds.

Also, using a bail bond agent means your loved one will get out of jail sooner. While they may still have to await trial, they can do so at home instead of in a jail cell.

Q: What happens if I fail to pay the bail bondsman?

Failure to pay a bail bonds Orlando agent can have several consequences. This action could lead to the defendant’s re-arrest and result in them facing more jail time. There is also the possibility of civil action getting brought against the defendant.

Q: Do I get the bond money back if my loved one does not show it to court?

The simple answer is no. The premium you pay the bondsman is non-refundable. Once you take the bond, you have taken responsibility for paying the whole amount.

While this may be discouraging, it can be a great deal to help a loved one you care for and trust. Instead of paying $10,000 in bail, for example, you only must pay $1,500.

Q: How might I get my bond money back?

You may be able to get your bail money back once the defendant has gets released or proven guilty or not guilty. If the defendant gets acquitted, discharged, or convicted, you may try to get the bail back.

You can then go to court to see about collecting your money. Make sure that you read any bond agreement you sign. If anything in the language negates a refund, kiss that money goodbye.

Posting bail for a loved one can be a confusing and stressful situation. These FAQs will help guide you on if using a bail bond is suitable for you and your situation.

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